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Project Description Owner Last Change
rarslave2.git Rarslave2 - Automatic PAR2... Ira Snyder 7 years ago
animesorter.git Animesorter - A regular expres... Ira Snyder 12 years ago
tilda-gobject.git A GObject-based reimplementati... Ira Snyder 13 years ago
aes.git AES Implementation in C++... Ira Snyder 14 years ago
cs356-p2-videostore.git CS356 Project #2 -- ACME Video... Ira Snyder 14 years ago
rsa.git RSA Implementation in Java... Ira Snyder 14 years ago
cs356-p1-elevator.git CS356 Project #1 -- Elevator... Ira Snyder 14 years ago