2008-01-13 Ira W. SnyderAdd the FIPS197 document master
2008-01-13 Ira W. SnyderAdd PDF target to Makefile turned-in
2007-11-03 Ira W. SnyderUpdate comments in aes.hpp optimized
2007-10-27 Ira W. SnyderRemove 'using namespace std;'
2007-10-22 Ira W. SnyderConst-ify Nb, Nk, Nr
2007-10-21 Ira W. SnyderOptimize ShiftRows() and InvShiftRows()
2007-10-21 Ira W. SnyderAdd new testing code
2007-10-19 Ira W. SnyderOptimize the ShiftRows(), InvShiftRows() and RotWord...
2007-10-19 Ira W. SnyderInitial commit unoptimized