2007-10-18 Ira W. SnyderBUGFIX: Elevators did not handle Requests in the correc... master
2007-10-16 Ira W. SnyderThreshold code was wrong
2007-10-16 Ira W. SnyderAdd the feature so you can press Enter and accept the...
2007-10-13 Ira W. SnyderAdd the hacks to fix disabling of buttons
2007-10-11 Ira W. SnyderAdd Dev-C++ IDE buildfiles
2007-10-11 Ira W. SnyderAdd second algorithm to the ElevatorController's dispat...
2007-10-11 Ira W. SnyderAdd load-measuring to Elevator
2007-10-11 Ira W. SnyderGUI-ize the Floor and Elevator entry
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderMove the PositionLabels to above the panels
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderGet the Play/Pause and Quit buttons working nicely
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderFix ElevatorGUI's Gtk::Table
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderAdd spacing to the GUI
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderMake PositionLabels have direction status indicators
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderRemove Debug Code
2007-10-09 Ira W. SnyderAdd TODO list
2007-10-08 Ira W. SnyderMake Elevator idleness depend on number of stops
2007-10-08 Ira W. SnyderFix RequestButton clearing
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderImprove ElevatorController's Dispatching Algorithm
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderUse the GUI
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderAdd Elevator Number to Elevators
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderGet ready to add the calls into the GUI into Elevator
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderGet Ready for the main program
2007-10-07 Ira W. SnyderImplement the GUI
2007-10-06 Ira W. SnyderAdd ElevatorController
2007-10-06 Ira W. SnyderAdd distance_from(Stop)
2007-10-06 Ira W. SnyderUse for-loop in test program
2007-10-06 Ira W. SnyderUse Finite State Machine to manage Elevator movement
2007-10-05 Ira W. SnyderCheckpoint before trying to convert to a state machine
2007-10-05 Ira W. SnyderFix underflow in Position
2007-10-05 Ira W. SnyderMuch Better Now
2007-10-04 Ira W. SnyderExperimental Changes
2007-10-03 Ira W. SnyderStop inherits from Position
2007-10-03 Ira W. SnyderInitial commit