descriptionRarslave2 - Automatic PAR2 Verification / RAR Extraction Tool
ownerIra Snyder
last changeWed, 7 May 2014 01:08:09 +0000 (18:08 -0700)
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderAdd support for Join sets where the parity protects... master
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderPAR2Set/utils: add the ability to redirect stdout
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderPAR2Set/ZIP: fix output directory
2008-11-09 Ira W. SnyderImprove distribution v2.1.0
2008-11-09 Ira W. SnyderPrint a traceback on unknown exceptions
2008-11-09 Ira W. SnyderUse else clauses in exception handlers
2008-11-03 Ira W. SnyderMajor Update
2008-10-31 Ira W. SnyderUse exceptions for error handling
2007-02-14 Ira W. SnyderClean up program name and version code
2007-02-14 Ira W. SnyderAdd sdist to Makefile & Cleanup syntax.
2007-02-14 Ira W. SnyderAdding python distutils-based setup.
2007-01-27 Ira W. SnyderBugfix: Fix deletion of .1 files for NoExtract type v2.0.0
2007-01-10 Ira W. Snyder[RSUTIL] Fix directory handling
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[PAR2Set] Fix extraction head regular expression
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[DETECTOR] Add detected type to log message
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[JOIN] Fix os.path.samefile() check for win32
12 years ago v2.1.0
14 years ago v2.0.0
7 years ago master