Uptime 2

Well, just after writing the previous post about my uptime going strong, the power decided to drop for an extended period of time, and so the UPS (with it’s failing batteries) just couldn’t handle it, and so my precious uptime is gone 🙁 For some reason, I doubt I’ll ever make 500+ days again. On […]


Well, I just checked my webserver at home, at my my, look at the uptime! 20:43:48 up 502 days, 8:38, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 … and now, the batteries in the UPS that it’s connected to are dying, and need to be replaced 😀 Also, it’s time for an upgrade; the 6GB […]

Smashing Pumpkins LIVE!

I finally got to see the Smashing Pumpkins live in concert last night, in the Open Air Theater at SDSU. What an awesome show. Crazy lights, enthusiastic fans, everything was just great. Here is the set list: Superchrist Doomsday Clock Hummer Bullet With Butterfly Wings Drown Bring the Light That’s the Way Tonight Tarantula Glass […]


Well, I went to the local H-Mart (an Asian supermarket) yesterday and got some much needed Genmai-cha (the hot tea I like) as well as some other kinds of tea that I wanted to try. I also picked up soba noodles and tofu, along with spices, so I could try cooking some new meals. So, […]

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