Well, I went to the local H-Mart (an Asian supermarket) yesterday and got some much needed Genmai-cha (the hot tea I like) as well as some other kinds of tea that I wanted to try. I also picked up soba noodles and tofu, along with spices, so I could try cooking some new meals.

So, yesterday I made my first (rather poor) attempt at Mapodofu. It turned out decently, but seeing as I really didn’t follow the recipe, that was somewhat expected. So, I took the leftovers and fixed them up today for lunch, which was much better. Basically, I cooked the tofu more, used less of the pork and more of the tofu, and actually used the cornstarch this time. The cornstarch definitely helped a LOT.

I pretty much followed the recipe this time, except that I didn’t use any vegetables (I had my usual salad, after all) and I didn’t eat it with rice, I ate it with soba noodles. I think it would go better with rice.

I’ll be trying to make tofu yakisoba sometime this week, so be on the lookout.

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