Back from Hiking

Well, I’m back from my backpack trip today. It was really fun. I got quite a lot of quiet time to myself, mostly in the early morning before everyone else got up. At least a couple of hours each day. It was very relaxing.

I took about 150 pictures during the trip, some of which are better than the others. Quite a few are blurry, but you can go check them out at the photo gallery.

The first day (Sunday the 16th), we went on the Pacific Crest Trail, and climbed Mt. Williamson, and then proceeded to the Little Jimmy Trail Camp. The total was 7.2 miles, with 4100 ft. of elevation change. A moderately difficult hike. It took most of the day for us to reach the camp.

The second day (Monday the 17th) we rested at camp and relaxed, broke apart some firewood, etc.

The third day (Tuesday the 18th), we day hiked up to Mt. Hawkins. It was about 5 miles round trip, with 3400 ft. of elevation change. It used up a good portion of the day, which made the time pass much more quickly.

Today (Wednesday the 19th) we made our way out the way we came in, except we did not climb Mt. Williamson, we took Highway 2 out. It was closed to vehicle traffic, so it was not a problem making our way out.

Overall, a very great vacation. I’ve got some horrible blisters on my heels, but it was completely worth it.

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