Well, first off, sorry for not blogging for so long. Maybe I’ll make it my New Years Resolution to blog more 🙂

Christmas is shaping up to be very fun this year, and I’m really enjoying the season. It’s going to be sad to go to my grandparents’ house like we do every year, but not see my grandmother, since she passed away recently. On the bright side, I’ll get to visit her, since I didn’t get to attend the funeral.

On another note, I haven’t drawn anything in forever, but I plan to do some tonight, hopefully. It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I draw. Oh, and I haven’t studied any Esperanto or Japanese in quite a while now. I’m really lacking, and I need to pick it up, especially since I really really want to be tri-lingual. It’s one of those “life-goals” things.

Now, back to browsing the web some more, and all around fun at the computer!

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