Exercise Continued

Well, I’ve kept up my exercise plan for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve switched from running at 6am to going out at night instead, since it’s much easier for me to do that instead. Now I need to get some running shoes instead of these Converse.

Other things I’ve been up to include (mostly) learning Esperanto, Perl, and Python. All of them are pretty cool, but I think Perl is a bit too complicated for anything other than simple text processing. I like learning Esperanto a lot, but I’m curious why people that I talk to think it’s such a bad thing to learn. It seems to me that learning something I enjoy is just fine, if I like it and want to continue learning it. But there’s not much I can do to change their opinions.

I guess I’m just obsessed with learning, and they’ll never understand. Now, of to practice more, then get back to work! (I’m practicing Esperanto on my lunch break :))

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