Why IP is bad

This is an interesting article about IP (Intellectual Property). Since I can’t come up with a good explanation, here is a quote:

In an unbelievable twist of fate, a combination of terrible drug laws, intellectual property laws, and misguided patents and copyrights have come together to prevent me from receiving lifesaving medecine. I need your help to publicize this issue, take it to the mainstream, and let it start the ball rolling to take out this immoral copyright system. The story of the death of my family and my current life-threatening illness, caused in no small part by IP law, is a perfect starting point to bring this into the next level of public discourse. Let’s expose the copyright barons for what they are. It’s not just me; 200 million others are also infected, and 95% don’t know the problem, yet. It could even be you. Let’s become lifesavers.

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