While, since I haven’t put anything here in quite a while I thought I’d do so.

First off, I’ve gotten all the comment spam problems eliminated, I think. I haven’t gotten any in about 20 days now, so that’s a good sign.

Other than that, school’s going well, I’m not having any problems in any of my classes. And I’ve got an internship again this summer (with a raise!) so there are no more worries about where I’m going to be working.

And last night (this morning) at about 1:15 am someone pulled the fire alarm in the dorms, so we all had to evacuate. I was fast asleep, and therefore pissed off that I had to wake up. I didn’t get back to sleep until 2am, and I’ve been tired all day. In addition to that, I just don’t feel good; my body aches all over. Even after taking a nap and some tylenol, I still feel like crap.

So yeah, midterms this and next week are coming up. Oh, the joy! 🙁

Meh, I’m off to waste some more time before bed. (grr, no games either since my videocard is being tested with another driver that doesn’t support 3d acceleration)

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