Independence Day in a small town

Independence Day in a small town is great. I’ll describe the scene today. Basically, everyone drove out to the airport, where the fireworks show is held. Then, since there is plenty of free space on the tarmac, everyone sets off tons of huge fireworks while waiting for the real show. Totally dangerous, but totally awesome. Also, other fun things like throwing/kicking a ball around, etc. And BBQing. Mmmmm.

Then, the main show started after it got dark. And it gets really dark, since there are no lights, and town doesn’t light up the area much. We were less than 500 feet back from where they were launched, so they felt really huge. There were no speakers, the local radio station played the music for the fireworks show, and everyone just cranked up their car radios. Totally different from back home in the big city.

I totally recommend it. I’m glad I was invited to tag along.

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