Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks: My first 14ers

This Saturday, I did my first two 14ers (14,000+ foot peaks) with some friends from work. It was a relatively moderate hike in terms of length, about 8.25 miles, but it was pretty hard in terms of technicality. According to one of the websites, the route we took up is a Class 3, which basically means: quite a bit of exposure, not enough for ropes, and if you fall, you will be seriously injured. It was loads of fun 🙂

I’m pretty proud of myself. I was able to keep up with all of the members of our group, so the fitness work must be paying off. At the end of the day, I was tired, but I still had plenty of energy left.

I set two personal records:

  1. I reached Torrey’s Peak, elevation 14,267 feet. The highest I’d ever gotten myself with my own power up until then.
  2. I reached Gray’s Peak an hour and a half later, elevation 14,270 feet. The highest I’ve ever gotten myself with my own power (yet :-P)

Here are some pictures I took

And here is a description of the various routes up the mountains

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