Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

I went to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival this weekend. It was pretty fun, especially trying all of the different Asian foods that were being sold. I tried some Yakisoba (which wasn’t Yakisoba, they didn’t use soba noodles…), and some Thai Beef, as well as Monkey Balls, which are really deep fried pork meatballs. I tried some other grilled meats as well, and all of them were pretty good.

My friend Wendy (from work) was racing for CAA (the Chinese-American Association) in the Dragon boats. They won the first race, but lost their second because they could not grab the flag, even though they were more than 2 seconds in the lead. It really sucked for them.

Anyway, if you’re in Denver around this time next year, I definitely recommend attending the Dragon Boat Festival!

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