Back in Colorado, again

Hello everyone, I’m back! Well, almost. I’m back in Colorado, and back to work again.

For the past few weeks I’ve been poor. Really, really poor. I’ve been living for a week on what I spent in a day in Europe. This has mostly been because I spent all my money in Europe. But I’ve been doing really well. I really didn’t need to borrow as much canned food as I did, but it has helped. I’ve been able to buy plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep me nice and healthy.

I’ve been back in the gym at work, but I can’t motivate myself to get there every day. Real life (outside work) and having to cook and do all the chores for myself keeps me pretty tired. And work is keeping me pretty busy too. We’re in a bit of a crunch right now, but I think things will slow down eventually. I’ve also been doing a LOT of work on Tilda, my main open source project.

I’ll get paid this week, which means that my money issues will be over, at least for the time being. I can’t wait to go out to lunch with all of my friends at work on Friday.

Ok, I’m good and tired (yet again) so I’m out.

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