5 Miles

Well, after a particularly bad start to the week, I had a really good run today. I went the farthest I’ve ever gone before, about 5 1/2 miles. I did the first 5 on the track, then ran the half mile home. Interestingly enough, the first three miles were still hard, but after that, more just felt good. Really, really good. I guess that’s the “runner’s high” I’ve heard about.

It appears I’m getting faster too. The whole run took about an hour, including the break every mile from mile 2 on. And I can (and do) still push myself to move up to a sprint the last half lap of every mile. I timed some of the miles: the first took only about 9 minutes, the last took about 12. I’ve gotta work on that some more.

I guess my goals from here on out include the 10K run, as well as improved times. I suppose I could have done 10K today, but my feet were getting sore. 🙂

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  1. hoowee, I’m going to have to get my ass in shape. I don’t know that I could run 5mi and not be completely dead the next day.

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