Well, here I am at school, pretty much done with classes for the quarter. So, since I’m completely done with everything for my degree, I figure I need to go in and apply to graduate.

Now, one thing I have to do is pay the school $40 to “process my application.” I guess the $15k (rough estimate, not including housing, which is RAPE btw) I’ve already payed them isn’t enough. Pretty annoying, really.

But other than that, there’s something even more annoying. I have to fill out and turn in a form to graduate, which is only accepted up until a certain deadline, which is completely normal. However, they don’t accept them until a certain date either. Well, kinda. See, if I want to graduate during Winter quarter, I have to wait until December 11th and then turn in the form. However, if I want to graduate during Spring quarter, which comes after Winter, then I can turn in the form now. Seems ridiculous if you ask me.

It took all of my living calmness skills to keep from going nuts this morning. So now I have to make another trip out here after school is out in order to graduate. Wonderful.

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