Month: July 2006

Summer Heat

Wow, its hot out today. It hit about 105F today here. I heard on the radio that it was going to hit 115F in Riverside. Thank God I don’t live out there, I feel really sorry for the people that do. Of course, we’ve got some deal with the electric provider that they can turn […]

Back from Hiking

Well, I’m back from my backpack trip today. It was really fun. I got quite a lot of quiet time to myself, mostly in the early morning before everyone else got up. At least a couple of hours each day. It was very relaxing. I took about 150 pictures during the trip, some of which […]


w00t! I get to go backpacking again! I’m taking off for the weekend, and part of next week, to go backpacking. It’s been quite a long time, we’ll see how well I do. I hope all the walking I do each week pays off…

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