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Stop EU Software Patents

I know I don’t even live in Europe, but since the patent situation here is so bad, I might just move there someday, and I’d like it to be the way it is.

EU Software Patent Banner #1

EU Software Patent Banner #2

Go here for more information:

Work Work Work

Well, I just thought I’d post an update, since I haven’t posted in over a month.

Work at Conexant is going well, I really like it there. It’s nice to be going back to somewhere where I already know a lot of the practices.

In my personal work, there is an updated version of Tilda out. Get it at It’s good. A new release is up and coming, hopefully within the next week or two. We’ve still got some bugs to iron out though.

I haven’t slept much in the last month either, between work, and watching anime, it’s been busy. Now, I’m off to work on Tilda and watch more anime! Yay! (I only wish I had someone to go to AX with, since it started on Friday here in Anaheim. :()

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