Month: July 2005


While, I’ve finally got the photo gallery moved to Textdrive. So, now it should load a bit faster. I’ve also changed gallery systems while I was at it. I like the new one a bit better, except that the description stuff isn’t as nice, but that’s okay. It works 🙂 Other than that, I’ve started […]

Weird Stuff

Well, something really strange happened today. Almost strange enough to make me start wearing my tinfoil beanie… About a week ago I was in Tower Records browsing the magazine department, and I came across a bunch of Linux magazines, MAKE magazine (which looks pretty cool), 2600 magazine (the mag. for phreakers) and Wired magazine. Well, […]

Why IP is bad

This is an interesting article about IP (Intellectual Property). Since I can’t come up with a good explanation, here is a quote: In an unbelievable twist of fate, a combination of terrible drug laws, intellectual property laws, and misguided patents and copyrights have come together to prevent me from receiving lifesaving medecine. I need your […]

New Address

Well, I’ve finally given up and gotten webhosting from TextDrive, which seems to be one of the geekier and more trendy (in the geek world) hosting companies. So far, they’re doing pretty good. I’m working on getting a new gallery set up, but I’m having some problems right now. So anyway, for anyone watching, the […]

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