Use exceptions for error handling
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2008-10-31 Ira W. SnyderUse exceptions for error handling
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[DETECTOR] Add detected type to log message
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderAdd Copyright / License information + Documentation
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderAdd NoExtract detector
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderConvert all return values to use rsutil package
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderMove common functionality into rsutil package
2007-01-01 Ira W. SnyderMigrate all PAR2Set-derived classes to the package...
2007-01-01 Ira W. Snyder[LOGGER] Switch to built-in logging class
2007-01-01 Ira W. SnyderMajor Projectwide Restructuring