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Moved Webhosts

Well, if you’re seeing this site, everything worked. Over the weekend, I migrated from the old TextDrive BSD Shared hosting to the new Joyent Shared Accelerators. It’s all the same company, just new and faster servers. Since they’re faster and have more software I need, I decided to move some stuff I hosted elsewhere onto this domain.

So, a quick rundown of what I have here:

I’m finally going to be able to shut down my webserver at home, saving power as well as maintenance headaches. Not that I didn’t like running the server, but I’d rather put it on better hosting for now.

Text Rendering

I’ve been doing quite a bit of messing around with text rendering on Linux recently. I’ve got a lovely setup which looks absolutely wonderful. It puts the font rendering on Windows to shame.

Interestingly, there is quite a performance difference between my laptop and my desktop, when using identical setups. Using gtkperf, the laptop takes ~2.28 seconds to complete the hardcore text test. The same test on my desktop takes ~22.4 seconds. So, it’s about 10 times slower. It turns out to be the subpixel smoothing that does it. With just grayscale smoothing, it takes <1 second for the test. A hell of a speedup, but the subpixel smoothing is oh so good.

I know nVidia has had some interesting problems with pre-6xxx cards, especially when rendering colored text (with the closed-source driver). My desktop uses such a card. My laptop uses an Intel i950, which so far has been a tremendously good card.

So, to Intel: start making some standalone AGP / PCIe graphics cards! I’ll buy at least two! (As long as they’re not terribly expensive)