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Red Rocks / Morrison Slide – 2007-04-28

Yesterday I went out West of Denver, near Morrison and hiked the Red Rocks / Morrison Slide Loop. It was really nice and sunny out all day, which was absolutely perfect weather. I’m glad I brought a hat and sunscreen, though, as there wasn’t much shade on the trail.

There were tons of people out, in the 4 hours or so I spent on the trail, I saw maybe 50 people. Mostly mountain bikers and trail runners, but a few day hikers as well. There was even a really cute girl out day hiking around the loop in the other direction, so I got to see her twice. There’s hope for Colorado, yet 😉

I’ve put up the pictures in my gallery, as usual.

Green Mountain – 2007-04-21

I went on a hike to Green Mountain last weekend. It’s west of Boulder, CO. It was very nice, and I had a good time even though I got a little lost, and missed the summit. It did start to thunderstorm a little bit too, but it passed after about 5 minutes.

Here are the pictures, in my gallery.
And here is the hike at, a great site for people who want to find local hikes.


For the few of you who read this, and the even fewer number who don’t know that I’m out in Colorado now, well, I am in Colorado (for work), and I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks.

There are pictures from my drive out up at my gallery.

If you want to talk to me, chances are you know my cell phone number. Call me and I’ll call back on the VoIP phone, so it’s cheap for me 🙂