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Prohibition vs. Piracy

I’m sitting here watching a show about prohibition on the History Channel, and I’m seeing a lot of similarities with the current “war on piracy.” It’s really quite interesting seeing how history repeating itself.

Basically what I’m seeing is that no matter what the RIAA / MPAA (and their government lackeys) does, there will always be copyright infringement, at least until there is something reasonable worked out.

Just something to think about.

Not a Bad Man

Hah … I’ve got a funny story today.

I was out going for my run one evening last week, when out of a house on my side comes two little girls, maybe 4 and 2 years old. The little one sees me and stops, causing her sister to see me. So I (being the nice guy that I am) say hello and wave. So the older one says hello back, then to encourage her younger sister, said “He’s not a bad man.” So then I smiled and kept going.

I guess there’s still hope for me yet … I’m not a bad man!

Graduation Part 2

Well, it looks like I’m not going to graduate! Yay!

I mean FUCK! I guess it’s kinda my own damn fault, but I choose to blame it on the (confusing) Degree Requirements sheet. So, since I had the misfortune of misinterpreting what it said, I’ve still got 2 more classes to take.

Now, since I’ll be out of the country from late May until late June, I won’t be able to take Spring 2007 classes, nor Summer 2007 classes (they don’t offer what I need anyway), but I have to wait until Fall 2007 to get what I need.

So I’m going to head over to school tomorrow and talk with the counselor. Maybe we can work something out, but I’m not hoping for much …. I just want to cry at this point. :'(


Well, now I’m pissed off at school, yet again. They’ve decided that I haven’t completed graduating yet.

Apparently, I failed to take a class that is not offered anymore. A class which I specifically went and asked my counselor about. What did she tell me, you ask? She told me: “Don’t worry about it, just take another of the preferred electives, and when your graduation paperwork comes through the office, we’ll sign off on it.” Apparently not.

So now I have to go through more pain, when I just want to relax and think about my upcoming trip to Europe. Grr …


A while back I got an “OldWorld” PPC Macintosh to play with, from one of my brother’s friends. It’s a PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 210.

Here’s the specs (from dmesg):

cpu0 at mainbus0: 750 (Revision 3.0), ID 0 (primary)
cpu0: HID0 8090c0a4<emcp ,DOZE,DPM,ICE,DCE,SGE,BTIC,BHT>
cpu0: 273.69 MHz L2 cache present but not enabled 

It’s got 256MB of RAM, and 4 (yes 4) hard disks, of varying sizes up to 9GB. Not a bad little machine. Definitely fun to play with.

Last time I was working on this machine, I spent a week trying to get Gentoo Linux to boot, but I was almost completely unsuccessful. Today, after working with TONS of floppies (trying to find 2 that were not corrupt AND would read in the system’s floppy drive), I have succeeded in booting NetBSD, and getting it installed onto the hard disk.

NetBSD was actually very easy to get working, their documentation was spot on, and their boot floppies worked without a hitch. Very, very impressive in my book, especially for a machine so old and hard to boot. 🙂

So, for the next few days I’ll probably be working on NetBSD, learning how it works. It’s already noticeably different from Linux, which I’m very used to.

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