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Snow Hiking

Well, the backpack trip that I was attempting to go on failed. We got snowed out.

However, not all was lost, we chose to do a bit of snow day-hiking instead! (Which was a first for both me and my partner.) It was amazingly beautiful, but cold too. It probably didn’t get above 40°F all day.

The pictures are here.


Wow. I was at a welcome back party for a friend of my brother. Naturally, he had quite a few friends there, most of them 4 years younger than I am.

Now, either I and almost everyone else I know has matured tremendously in the past few years, or something. All of these kids are so shallow. All they seem to do is watch stupid movies and brag about how they fail classes. I’m quite speechless about the whole thing, it just doesn’t seem normal. :shrugs and walks away:

School Sucks

Well, here I am at school, pretty much done with classes for the quarter. So, since I’m completely done with everything for my degree, I figure I need to go in and apply to graduate.

Now, one thing I have to do is pay the school $40 to “process my application.” I guess the $15k (rough estimate, not including housing, which is RAPE btw) I’ve already payed them isn’t enough. Pretty annoying, really.

But other than that, there’s something even more annoying. I have to fill out and turn in a form to graduate, which is only accepted up until a certain deadline, which is completely normal. However, they don’t accept them until a certain date either. Well, kinda. See, if I want to graduate during Winter quarter, I have to wait until December 11th and then turn in the form. However, if I want to graduate during Spring quarter, which comes after Winter, then I can turn in the form now. Seems ridiculous if you ask me.

It took all of my living calmness skills to keep from going nuts this morning. So now I have to make another trip out here after school is out in order to graduate. Wonderful.