Month: June 2006


I’ve been working at my internship for almost 2 weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it. The last two summers were great, but this one has started of really well. I’m doing lots of interesting stuff, and much more stuff that I am really interested in and really passionate about. Hopefully by the end of […]

I Hate DRM

Here’s an excellent story explaning DRM in an exciting new way: Once upon a time there was a man named Frank. Frank was just like any other Frank, albeit a bit more cynical and curious. Frank was walking through the park one day when he happened upon a curious sight of a glowing doorway. Being […]


Yay! The quarter is almost over. I’ve been completely swamped for the last 10 weeks or so. (Note to self: don’t ever take 21 units again) All that’s left are finals, which should mostly be easy, since I’ve only got to take 3 of them, the other 2 are take home finals, and Aikido doesn’t […]