Month: September 2005


Well, I had a DDoS on my server at home this week, more or less. There’s a thing called Referer Spam which basically poisons your webserver’s logfiles with false referer information, and then your blog displays it. This gets the referer’s websites higher rankings in search engines like Google. So, since they’d been poisoning it […]


Here is the best thing I’ve read all day: Californication? California – from the latin roots cali(hot) and fornia(sexual activity). Thus California – the land of hot sex. Here is the original Slashdot story.


Well, I had a couple of strange dreams last night. Both were really strange, and I don’t know where they came from, but here they are. The first one was about bone surgery on someone I knew (or rather, the sister of someone I know, but I can’t remember who. The only thing I remember […]

Exercise Continued

Well, I’ve kept up my exercise plan for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve switched from running at 6am to going out at night instead, since it’s much easier for me to do that instead. Now I need to get some running shoes instead of these Converse. Other things I’ve been up to include (mostly) learning […]