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Well, I took my first step in an exercise program this morning..I ran about a mile after stretching out. Now all I have to do is keep it up for about another year. Making it until the end of the week seems like a good short-term goal, however. The good news is that I made it a lot farther than I expected to make it…the bad news is that I’m still horribly out of shape. (I can still feel it now, two and a half hours later.)

So here is the plan:
Run at least a mile every weekday morning. (after stretching)
Eat less, and try to go out to eat less. (this is going to be hard with all of my friends in town right now)

But I’m feeling very strongly about doing this, so I think I’ll be okay. I suppose it’s time I follow another one of Sensei’s teachings: “Get in shape once, and stay there.”

Tiesto Rocked!

OMG! Seeing Tiësto live sure was an experience! It was truly amazing…words can’t even begin to describe it. I was on the floor with a few thousand other people, but I was less than 50 feet from the stage for the whole show.

Getting in was pretty rough, they searched everyone, presumably for weapons and drugs. It apparently didn’t help much, since I saw people doing various drugs, and the Marijuana smoke was pretty thick in the air.

There were at least 3 Linux users there (me and 2 others) since I saw one person wearing a Linux T-shirt (the same one I was wearing, in fact) and another person commented about it. Tiësto sure has good music for hacking.

I’ll try to find some pictures later, since there doesn’t seem to be any right now…maybe it’s too early?

DJ Tiesto

w00t!!! I’m going to go see DJ Tiesto live next weekend! (that would the the 20th of August)

Hopefully it’ll be great!

Updated Gallery

Well, I’ve added about 20 more pics to the gallery. So please go look if you’re interested. Some of them are better than what was there, since I’ve improved a bit 😉