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I’ve added some themes to the site, and even added some nifty theme switching goodness. If you look in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page (for most of the themes, it’s on the left in “Benevolance”) you can switch to an alternate theme. I also changed the default to something I liked a bit better than the WordPress 1.5 default theme.

Oh, and this new software is great, I have a way to blacklist comments by words they contain, so now all the damn pharmaceutical spam I get in the comments is automatically deleted.

So yeah, life is good, and I actually got some work done on my MAT214 project yesterday. Now if I can get it done before I go to bed tonight I’ll be set.

EDIT: I finally got around to fixing the image links left around from when I first installed WordPress. (They were just in an inconsistent location with the rest of the WordPress files) It’s just nicer to maintain now 🙂

Update to the Blog

Well, as you might have noticed, the layout has changed. It came with the move to a newer version of the blog software that I use. So please, don’t be scared. If you have something that looks kind of funny (as in it was rendered incorrectly by your browser) please press SHIFT+Refresh to make sure you get a clean copy of the page.

Oh, and thanks to Adelphia for upgrading upload (and download) speeds again. Last time I checked I could get almost 100KB/sec upstream from home. It’s finally something reasonable. Downloads are just above 400KB/sec too, which is awful nice. (My connection at school is a heck of a lot faster, but it’s throttled as hell on most of the stuff I do, like downloading videos of raytracing hardware using BitTorrent. Just because it’s p2p software doesn’t mean I’m doing something illegal, gosh darn it!)

Yeah, anyway, so please don’t worry if the site changes again in the coming days, since I might play with the design a bit.

Oh, and finals are here. This is the last week of school, then I get a week off before Spring quarter starts up. It was nice and relaxed this quarter. I really think not having Physics and Calculus at the same time helps. They each take up a lot of time on their own, and having them together just makes life hard.

Oh, and I’ve been actually learning C, and the GTK widget toolkit while I’m at it. Here’s a picture:
Hello World in C / GTK with 2 buttons

I’m gonna try to start taking some pictures of the campus with the digital camera that I have, so you might see some of those coming up in the future.