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Yay! I’ve finally managed to get a perfect score on the Hiragana test, in 5 minutes 30 seconds, no less. (Hiragana is one of the syllabic alphabets in written Japanese. There are 104 syllables.) Now, when I can finally get it down under 2 minutes, then I’ll be ready to move onto the Katakana.

On a side note, I’m considering going to Japan the summer after this one, to teach English. From what I hear, “they” (the school system) will pay for a room and plane tickets.


Here is the flyer from the Body WORLDS 2 exhibit that I went and saw yesterday at the California Science Center. It’ll be there for a while, so if you’re interested, you should go see it. It was very interesting.

The Flyer


Well, I’ve completely moved my system over to Linux. I don’t even have windows installed right now, though I might install it later this week sometime. I even moved all the data from my WinXP RAID over to Linux, which now is running with it’s root drive on the RAID. Damn, this thing flies. It’s awesome.

Maybe I won’t even set up windows, and just use QEMU in linux, running Win98. 😀

Goings on

This week went well. Met some new people here in the dorms, got some good exercise in, and got my Linux machine running nicely, among other things.

Until last night, when I wrecked my back. I don’t even know what I did this time, but it seems to be hurting less as I write this, so maybe all the stretching out I’m doing is helping. I hope it stops.