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Visit to Anarico’s Place

Well, I visited them today. Good times.

Analisa apparently did something wonderfully dumb today. She was at work (Enterprise rent a car) and gets told to take a car down the street to the shop to get fixed. So she walks down to the shop, and hands them the key, but she forgot the car!!!! Hahaha! Isn’t that funny? 🙂 😀

Oh, and they’re engaged now, and so I wish them the best of luck in all the future endevours and all that.

Now I’m off to sleep since I have to get up early for my trip to the grandparents’ house.

Vulnerability Fixed

Apparently there was a vulnerability with the blog that allowed someone (jackass spammers) to make the css not work correctly with it. This should now be fixed.

So enjoy reading it without the interruptions that were happening. (Hopefully)


Finals are finally over! I’m so glad. The past few weeks really sucked because of all the studying.

And I got an A in my Comp Sci class, which is great too.

And I aced my Calculus final, and I’ll probably get an A in there too.

So I’m happy 🙂

Much Happiness Abounds

Mostly because I only have 8 hours of class left this quarter. Only 4 finals! Yay!

And also because I got plenty of sleep for the first time in a while last night. And I even got up early this morning. (630am … it’s weird, I haven’t been up this early in months)

Now back to studying ….. 🙁


I’m gonna die. It’s like I’m blind. I don’t have a clue what anything means anymore.

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