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Calc Test

Yay! I got my calc test back this week and I passed no problem. (86 percent!)

On the other hand, Physics is just getting harder. I took the first midterm and it was pretty hard. I’ll probably get it back this week, so I’ll see how I did then.

Nothing much other than that this week. Oh well.

An Update

School’s going very well at the moment. I’ve been getting most everything done on time, and Calculus is working pretty well. I haven’t had much time to draw things yet, but I did draw an adaptation of a Megatokyo character that I may put up sometime.

Other than that, you should go watch the anime “Bleach.” ( Here is some more info. )

It seems really good, and is something different, since I tend to prefer mostly shoujo (girls) anime. I don’t know why. I watch shounen (boys) anime too, and all my favorite anime’s are shounen anime.

Whatever, enough talking for now. I think I’m gonna try and draw Komugi-chan again now.

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