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Fun Times with The Sims

Yeah, I found this while browsing my way around the web today. It’s freakin awesome.

Back to School

Well, I’m moving in tomorrow back at the dorms at school. I’m sorta looking forward to the new year, as well as looking forward to seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a few months. It’ll be okay I think.

I put up a new picture in the gallery. It’s the one titled “kimiko.jpg.” I just finished drawing a picture of Nurse Witch Komugi-chan also, which I probably won’t get up for a while. I like it though, she was very fun to draw. I’ll definitely be drawing her again. She’s so cute. (and dressed as a catgirl makes her like 1000 times cuter than normal :)) I love it.

EDIT: The picture of Komugi-chan is up now in the gallery.

Out of Work

So, yesterday was my last day at my job at Conexant. I had a great time, and hopefully I’ll be able to go back next summer.

Ohther than that I got RBL and virus scanning implemented on the mailserver, which is really nice, except that I can’t test them because of the stupid Adelphia block on port 25. Bastards. :-p

Oh well.

Bad Coincidence

Well, I was goofing off today, playing with ROT cyphers (you take text, and “rotate” it. For an example, “AbcDEFg” ROT-2 becomes “CdeFGHi”. Notice how I am moving over 2 letters in the alphabet. [ROT-26 is the same as the original])

So anyway, back to my story. I was just playing around, and I found that “Ira” ROT-23 is “Fox”. So basically this just goes to show that my old obsession was pre-ordained 🙂

Heh. I’m bored.

Anime Music
(@zZzdilzZz) somehow, my parents coming into my room and talking to me while i have cutesy anime music playing and acting like nothing is wrong is quite disturbing

My parents must be very tolerating. Thank God they don’t understand Japanese, or they might really get freaked out with some of the stuff I play. 😀