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New Stuff & Computer Woes

Well, besides work in this past week, I got some new stuff. Mostly from I ended up getting a new bookbag, a sketchbook, and a couple of t-shirts. It’s all really nice. I really like how the pencil draws on the paper in the sketchbook.

Also, this weekend, I’m gonna go to Lake Mojave with some people from work, and Kyle. It should be very good times. I’m hoping so.

And now on to my computer. Even with the new motherboard it’s still acting up terribly. It’s gonna drive me insane. So I finally gave up and pulled out the soundcard completely (I just moved it around in the PCI slots before). So now I’m stuck with the crappy onboard audio. In all seriousness, I can probably fart better sound than this thing can produce. Hopefully this helps, and it’s just a bad soundcard. I really don’t want to replace my videocard. I need to save some money for books and stuff.

So anyway, the uptime as of writing this is: \BARTON has been up for: 2 day(s), 1 hour(s), 36 minute(s), 36 second(s) And I’m gonna hope that it keeps working. If it’s still up when I get back from the lake, we’ll consider it the soundcard and get a new one. Perhaps a Audigy this time, so I don’t have to lug around the external box that came with my Game Theater XP.

I’ll have some new drawings posted at some time in the future, but right now I don’t know when I’m gonna get around to scanning them, mostly because I’m lazy. I’ll get to it, I promise.

EDIT: Computer is still up, and it’s minutes short of 4 days. It’s looking really good now. If it lasts past the Laughlin trip, I know I’ll be buying a new soundcard. YAY!

Webserver Back

Well, I’ve had the webserver up for almost 3 days now, and it hasn’t hiccupped yet, so I think it’s gonna be okay. Also my motherboard got shipped back from Epox today, so I should have it here tomorrow to put back in my computer!! 2 weeks without anime has been killing me 🙂

Oh yeah, I saw this funny stuff on today too: (#22905)

<blixt> I wonder if the Korean army uses starcraft tactics
<taerkar> extending the creep and sending hordes of zergs at their enemies?
<taerkar> “You! Mine those crystals. You two, into the gas factory.”

Webserver Problems

Well, there have been problems with the webserver for the past while. It keeps dying mostly. I finally got around to opening it up, and found a couple of bad capacitors. I soldered on new ones, and now it should be okay. It’s still under testing, but hopefully it’s okay now.

Edit: It’s been up for 6 hours now, where before it was only handling about 3. Hopefully it’s still alive a week from now. 🙂

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