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Funny Joke

Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, and F are the letters for bra sizes?
If you’ve wondered why, but couldn’t figure out what the letters stood for, it’s about time you were informed!
A- Almost boobs
B- Barely there
C- Can’t complain!
D- Damn!
DD- Double damn!
E- Enormous!
F- Fake.

It’s #43662 for anyone interested.

Webserver Problems Again

Well, I thought I had the webserver fixed, but I guess not, because a few days ago it started dying again. This time I’m very stumped as to what is going on, so I just replaced the hardware with another cobbled together computer. It’s funny though since I don’t have a case that will fit it (the old webserver case doesn’t have a removable backplane). So for the time being, it’s just sitting on a static bag inside the old case.

Oh well, I do what I can.

Laughlin Trip

Good times over the weekend. Went to Laughlin and did lots of jet skiing. The river was nice and flat, but it was pretty cold water, but not unbearably so. The lake’s water was great, but it was choppy as hell, especially on Kyle’s tiny jet ski.

I got to ride a newer Sea-Doo Bombadier, something like 240 horsepower. Damn, that thing is extremely fast. I broke 70 mph even on the choppy water. Extremely fun 🙂

And I got some drawings done. Mostly I’ve been testing drawing some stuff that is completely my own. I finally got a few that are quite nice. I don’t know when I’ll get up to scanning them though, so don’t be on the lookout.

Well, I’m beat tired, so I’m out.

Interesting Article

The full thing is here. Here are a few good quotes:

? Microsoft employees were questioned by police in China, where it is an offence to refer to Taiwan as country or as the Republic of China. Now Taiwan is not referred to as country and all software worldwide avoids the issue by referring to places as “regions or districts”.

? Perhaps the best known, and one of the most expensive, errors was a colour-coded world map showing time zones, which showed the disputed Jammu-Kashmir region as not being in India – an offence under Indian law. The mistake led to the whole of the Windows 95 operating system being banned in the country, losing large sales. For its replacement, Microsoft, Office 97, Microsoft removed the colour coding and sold 100,000 copies in India.

The last one here is interesting. It shows that governments DO have power over large corporations….when money is concerned. It also shows that Office 97 replaced Windows 95. :rolleyes: Idiots.

Learning To Draw

Well, I’ve been experimenting with my drawing a little more. I’ve been actually drawing characters that are completely my own. Not copied from anywhere, not even partially. It’s quite different, and I doubt I’ll scan any of them, because they’re not particularly great, but they’re far better than I expected.

On a side note, I can’t seem to find my f*@#ing badge from work today. The sad thing is I know I had it here earlier. Maybe I’ll go check the trash cans outside (ugh!) in case I threw it away. Why the f@#$ would I do that?


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