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Busy Week

Well, I finally got an RMA number for my motherboard that’s been acting up. I’m gonna send it over monday to see if they can fix it, or send me a replacement, which they hopefully will. This just in time for Doom 3 too, which should be arriving on the 4th. Grrrr…

I also get to register for classes today, which should be interesting, considering the whole system is now online (Finally!).

Oh yeah, and I put up some new drawings last night too. (Reki, Chii2, Osaka, and Midori) Go check them out!


Yay! I finally got around to getting some posters framed for my room. I’ve had them in the tube since sometime in my senior year of high school, so they’ve been around for quite a while. Also this week I got the re-issue of Megatokyo Vol. 1 from Dark Horse. It’s good. I’m looking forward to buying some stuff from the new Megatokyo store when it opens at the end of the month.

More Drawings Again

Yeah, well this week I didn’t do anything too special. Just more work.

I did make some new drawings though. The one of Asuka is again horrible, I just can’t get her face right. I did Sonoda Yuki in pajamas this time, and it turned out really well. Her head is a bit big, but not too bad. I also drew her with a teddy bear, but I didn’t feel like finishing the body, but I’ll put it up anyway. And I drew Asako and Mami (they’re Yuki’s friends). That was okay too.

Yeah, it’s looking like next week will be the same old stuff as always :).

More Drawings

Well, I’ve done a few more drawings, but they’re mostly just for practice, so I don’t think I’ll put them up. (They’re just heads with rough outlines of bodies) Surprisingly though, they’re fairly good. It’s much easier to get body proportions right when you do the head first.

Work this week has started off nicely, and it’s already Wednesday, so no worries there. Other than that, the same mostly boring life.

Gallery Fixed

I moved to a new gallery software. I like it alot better, and it works with all of the pictures now.

Last night I tried drawing Ninamori Eri, and I got nowhere, so I tried with Sonoda Yuki, and I ended up drawing her 3 times. The first time was terribly out of proportion, but the last two are great. I’ll probably put them up later tonight.

Everyone have a happy Fourth of July, and don’t burn down too many buildings with all the fireworks you’re gonna light off 🙂

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