Month: May 2004

Hehe…Great Comic

Well, for starters I will put up this wonderful foxtrot cartoon. Yeah. That’s great. Ummm…not much to update here. Last night was interesting I guess, I helped my CP here in the dorms run a karaoke program. There was only a few of us there. Two really talented girls came by near the end though, […]

Gmail Baby!

Well, I just got an invitation to get a gmail account from my wonderful friend Kyle. What a nice guy. People out there are killing to get them, and I have one. Maybe I should go into hiding 🙂 Anyway, I really encourage everyone to get gmail when it becomes public, it’s very very fast, […]

Image Gallery

Well, I’ve just sent in the paperwork for my new job. It pays better than my old one, so that’s definitely a bonus, plus I get to do things I enjoy a little more than digging through trash. 🙂 Also, I now have a working image gallery up here which has some of the things […]

Long Long Day

Well, I just finished up working for about 6 hours on one chapter in my Physics book. That was probably the longest single session I’ve ever done. Other than that, I got the DEC Alpha machine up and running. (it’s a PC164-SX based system, 533Mhz, 256MB RAM, yadda yadda…) However, it does need to boot […]

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