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Hehe…Great Comic

Well, for starters I will put up this wonderful foxtrot cartoon.

Foxtrot 05-27-2004

Yeah. That’s great.

Ummm…not much to update here. Last night was interesting I guess, I helped my CP here in the dorms run a karaoke program. There was only a few of us there. Two really talented girls came by near the end though, so it was okay. Oh yeah, and there was a few computers in there, all running NT with dual 233Mhz P1’s. That was exciting. 😀 (Yes, I played with the computers, and didn’t sing, of course. What a geek, I know.)

Gmail Baby!

Well, I just got an invitation to get a gmail account from my wonderful friend Kyle. What a nice guy. People out there are killing to get them, and I have one. Maybe I should go into hiding 🙂

Anyway, I really encourage everyone to get gmail when it becomes public, it’s very very fast, just like having your own mailserver. It’s email the way it should be. (if you want to email me, it’s ira!snyder()gmail!com (replace the punctuation as fit, it can’t be hard :)))

Yeah, and the internet connection here is working for the time being, so at least that’s a good thing. :crosses fingers:

Hehe, I have to go get a drug test tomorrow afternoon, how fun! LOL … I have to make a 1hr+ drive to go pee in a little cup. How funny.

Image Gallery

Well, I’ve just sent in the paperwork for my new job. It pays better than my old one, so that’s definitely a bonus, plus I get to do things I enjoy a little more than digging through trash. 🙂

Also, I now have a working image gallery up here which has some of the things I’ve drawn. I’ll put up more soon, I promise. (I’ve already drawn Chii and Asuka (from the Anime’s Chobits and Neon Genesis Evangelion respectively))

Now back to school, where the internet is up and down every few minutes. grrrrr…..

Long Long Day

Well, I just finished up working for about 6 hours on one chapter in my Physics book. That was probably the longest single session I’ve ever done.

Other than that, I got the DEC Alpha machine up and running. (it’s a PC164-SX based system, 533Mhz, 256MB RAM, yadda yadda…) However, it does need to boot off a floppy diskette. I’m working on resolving that in some interesting new ways. Oh well, at least I have a nice fast 64-bit computer up and running 🙂 It’s fun…I only spent 100+ hours getting it working over the past few months.

Nothing much more than that. Adios.

New Job

Well, I just got an email from my mother stating that she got a call from Mr. Beck saying that I got the job at Conexant for this summer. What a great day this is. I’m so very very relieved.

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