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117 5740d 08h ira /shell_programs/ Adding which converts ASM files from Intel syntax to AT&T syntax.
Adding irasnyd which runs emerge --sync with a server on the outside world.
Updated the animesorter.dict dictionary with more definitions.
116 5745d 16h ira /shell_programs/ Adding the (wonderful) animesorter program. It's great!  
114 5750d 12h ira /shell_programs/ Removing obsolete scripts. (ktbird, qtlinks, and irasync)

Adding some new useful scripts:
remount: this changes a directory (mount point) from ro -> rw and back.
net-sync: run's emerge sync with a public server instead of your
private one.
113 5750d 12h ira /shell_programs/ Modified rarslave to handle "parjoin" files better by checking
the return codes. Allows removal of an *.{avi,mkv,ogm,etc} if
the check / repair was not successful.

See above for what changed in parjoin also.

irasync now handle's an emerge sync intelligently, instead of dealing
with qt, now that Samsung's evil drivers are off my system forever.
111 5766d 09h ira /shell_programs/ Mostly whitespace changes to rarslave. Made a simple change to the parjoin
105 5786d 14h ira /shell_programs/ Added nfosort() function to rarslave. This moves all nfo files
to a destination directory.
104 5813d 08h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Fixed a bug with r00 files being the only ones deleted, instead of the .rXX set  
99 5818d 18h irasnyd /shell_programs/ changed names  
98 5818d 18h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Cleaning up the shell script directory  
97 5818d 18h irasnyd /shell_programs/ More comments, License and welcome to rarslave.  
96 5818d 18h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Seems ok. Testing went well. We'll see tonight or tomorrow for sure ;)
Added more comments
95 5818d 19h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Re-added functionality to rarslave via recursive calls.  
94 5818d 19h irasnyd /shell_programs/ A good tested version. Now I'm gonna try and re-incorporate broken-out functionality  
93 5818d 20h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Broke out "par_rep_n_sort" for find / xargs to work.  
92 5818d 20h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Moved the old rarslave.current (which now has complete rarslave functionality)
91 5818d 21h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Deleting old rarslave (it just called rarslave.current anyway)
Moved all functionality to rarslave.current (STILL UNTESTED)
90 5818d 22h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Deleting old files  
89 5819d 09h irasnyd /shell_programs/ Importing shell programs from yuki. Will add the ones from server later.  

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