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183 5844d 14h ira /shell_programs/ Removing more old programs  
182 5844d 14h ira /shell_programs/ Removing unused / obsolete programs  
180 5844d 14h ira / Moving animesorter to it's new home  
179 5844d 14h ira / Moving rarslave to it's new home  
176 5854d 16h ira /shell_programs/ removing the dictionary, since it shouldn't be in svn  
175 5854d 16h ira /shell_programs/ Update animesorter to use new config file location  
153 5917d 17h ira /shell_programs/ Fix rarslave's rar command so that it will handle a hyphen at the beginning
of a filename.
152 5918d 08h ira /shell_programs/ Adding a much nicer output engine to rarslave.  
150 5924d 09h ira /shell_programs/ Add debugging option to  
149 5924d 10h ira /shell_programs/ Small updates of the dictionary, and a small bugfix in rarslave.  
141 5932d 11h ira /shell_programs/ Lots of changes to rarslave.
1) Moved to a config-file based system for configuration.
2) Made all regexes case insensitive.
3) Added command-line options to deal with the config file.

See the ChangeLog at the beginning of for any more info.
139 5934d 22h ira /shell_programs/ Updated animesorter definitions.

Added an "extract with full path" option to rarslave. (Thanks for the suggestion Thom)
134 5936d 14h ira /shell_programs/ Lots of fixes to

Use regexes for almost everything now. (no more need for the glob module)
Added a config class to make global configs easier.
Make the check for required programs optional.
133 5936d 15h ira /shell_programs/ Adding definitions to animesorter.dict.
Removing the old bash rarslave. This is superceded by, which is
a MUCH better implementation.
132 5938d 07h ira /shell_programs/ Made rarslave handle old and new style rar files properly, for deletion.  
129 5940d 08h ira /shell_programs/ Changed rarslave again, since find was changed.
Updated animesorter's dictionary.
Updated animesorter to handle mp4 files.
Adding, which is a python version of rarslave, and which
is MUCH more robust.
121 5960d 18h ira /shell_programs/ Completely rewrote animesorter. This gives it the ability to use command-line
options, and makes it much nicer to read.
120 5960d 18h ira /shell_programs/ Made some simple changes to the animesorter. It will now make a directory if it doesn't exist.  
119 5961d 16h ira /shell_programs/ Updated definitions.  
118 5981d 11h ira /shell_programs/ Changes Include:
1) Fixed rarslave to work with >=findutils-4.2.23 (changed "+" operator)
2) Fixed animesorter to print directory names, as appropriate
3) Added "stat" command to remount
4) Added "update-eix" to irasync
5) Added updated definitions to animesorter.dict

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