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438 5350d 11h ira /school/cs408/p3/ Added the original requirements used to write this program.  
432 5666d 23h ira /school/cs408/p4/ hw04.lisp:
* HI comes before LO in problem #2.
* Fix ordering of arguments in the "or" part of the cond in problem #2.
431 5666d 23h ira /school/cs408/p4/ hw04.lisp:
* Remove bogus fixme.
430 5666d 23h ira /school/cs408/p4/ Import CS408 Project #4.  
429 5674d 04h ira /school/cs420/p3/
* Simplify actions a bit.
* Add a NPC part to Action, which is Negative Preconditions.
* Make the monkey move (more or less) randomly throughout
it's possible moves, instead of fixing the problem.
428 5677d 07h ira /school/cs408/p3/ hw03.lisp:
* Simplify the solution for Problem 2. This uses a local function.
427 5678d 07h ira /school/cs408/p3/ Import CS408 Project #3.  
426 5678d 08h ira /school/cs408/ Get set up for CS408.  
425 5678d 22h ira /school/cs420/p3/ p3.tex:
* Add source code printout.

* Add a generic Makefile to run this program.
424 5678d 22h ira /school/cs420/p3/
* Menu()ize the main loop.
* Break solving function out of main().
* Add the Menu class, derived from CS420 Project 1 Menu.
423 5678d 23h ira /school/cs420/p3/ Initial Import of CS420 Project #3.  
422 5685d 01h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Remove unnecessary variables from for loops.
421 5685d 06h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Add a check for a generic Exception, which will happen on any
error in the config file.
* Print an appropriate message after catching the above Exception.
420 5687d 13h ira /school/cs431/p1/ Change text strings only. No feature changes.  
419 5687d 22h ira /school/cs431/p1/ p1.tex:
* Add to the output.
* Automatically generate beautiful Gantt Charts.
* Use GanttChart class to generate Gantt Charts now.
418 5688d 04h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Add a MsgType that represents a Process being added to the run queue.
* Create an entry in the log every time a Process is added to the
run queue.
417 5688d 04h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Have a Process store the time at which it will enter the run queue.
This makes delaying processes easily possible in all Schedulers.
* Add a waiting queue, which holds delayed processes.
* Always add to the wait queue in addProcess().
* Add queueWaitingProcesses() function so all Schedulers have support
for delayed processes.
* Add schedulerFinished() function so that any Scheduler that uses the
default functions can know when it is finished.
* Add printTurnaroundTime() function to calculate and print the
turnaround time for this run of the Scheduler.
* Use printTurnaroundTime() in run() to print results.
* Switch to new interfaces in the Scheduler superclass.
* Remove all of the custom delayed process support, it is now
implemented in the superclass Scheduler.
* Switch to new interfaces in the Scheduler superclass.
* Switch to new interfaces in the Scheduler superclass.
416 5688d 08h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Add the wait time to the processor.
* Update the wait times in scheduleCurrent().
* Add printWaitTimes() function to print the average wait time.
415 5688d 23h ira /school/cs431/p1/ Add LaTeX source for printing this project.

All Java Files:
* JavaDoc Documentation for all classes, methods, etc.

* Add doc target to build JavaDoc documentation.
414 5689d 02h ira /school/cs431/p1/ Makefile:
* Add proper dependencies to the Makefile.
* Finally, a perfectly working version.
* Add printing of Gantt charts in the run() method.
* Remove verbose printing, since the Gantt chart displays the same data.

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