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177 5724d 23h ira /school/ Adding folders for the new quarter  
174 5767d 17h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ Fixed a erroneous blank line  
173 5774d 14h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ Fix eval_trapezoid() method.  
172 5774d 14h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ The final CS311 Project #4. Mostly added comments  
171 5774d 20h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ Done with CS301 Project #5. It makes it rely on h, instead of n.  
170 5774d 22h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ Almost done... now to get what Prof Hillam actually wants...  
169 5774d 23h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ This is the major part of CS301 Project #5, now all that is left is main()  
168 5775d 00h ira /school/cs301/proj5/ Initial commit of CS301 Project #5  
167 5776d 03h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ CS311 Project #4 is now near-final.  
166 5776d 14h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ Getting set up for pretty printing  
165 5777d 13h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ Fix bug where there is only a single digit number  
164 5777d 14h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ CS311 Project #4 is now "almost there." This implements the complete grammar
but printing totally needs to be cleaned up. This is relatively tested, and
should now work ok :)
163 5777d 20h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ Another update of CS311 Proj #4. This one checks the grammar:

E -> TE'
E' -> ^ | +TE' | -TE'

T -> FT'
T' -> ^ | *FT'

F -> V | N | (E)
V -> xN
N -> 0 | 1 | 2 | ... | 8 | 9

now to add powers...
162 5777d 21h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ This is a working recursive-descent parser for the grammar:
E -> TE'
E' -> ^ | -TE' | +TE'
T -> 0
161 5777d 22h ira /school/cs311/proj4/ adding initial CS311 Project #4  
159 5787d 14h ira /school/cs301/proj3/ What was I thinking?? Fixed a stupid mistake with return values  
158 5790d 16h ira /school/cs301/proj3/ This should be the final checkin of CS301 Project #3. It is finished
at this point.
157 5790d 16h ira /school/cs301/proj3/ Mostly final CS301 Project #3  
156 5790d 17h ira /school/cs301/proj3/ Fix the GenEvenPts() and GenChebychevPts() functions, so they work
appropriately. The Handout is incorrect.
155 5790d 17h ira /school/cs301/proj3/ Still in-progress of CS301 Project #3  

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