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374 5512d 21h ira /projects/animesorter/
* Whoops, forgot to change the logic around. Now we can get output :)
373 5513d 00h ira /projects/animesorter/
* Move print functions back inside the AnimeSorter class.
* Add back the --quiet command line option.
372 5517d 01h ira /projects/animesorter/ Remove, since the new is a better
replacement, with the same features and more.
371 5517d 02h ira /projects/animesorter/
* Add the 'pretend' command line option.
* Add better error checking.
* Add a default to the 'interactive' mode.
* Remove 'quiet' command line option, since it's broken right now.
370 5518d 03h ira /projects/raid_checker/ raid_checker:
* Make the drive checking run in parallel. This should give a speedup
equal to the number of drives you have.
369 5521d 00h ira /projects/PrintSystem/ Add the PrintSystem project.

NOTE: It's not really a full project, but it's more of a reference
for a printing system I came up with.
368 5521d 00h ira /projects/animesorter/
* Remove stupid threading stuff.
* (re)implement a simple printing system.
* No feature changes.
366 5531d 17h ira /projects/animesorter/
* Fix comments beginning with whitespace, then a hash symbol.
* Make parsing a little more robust.
365 5533d 00h ira /projects/rarslave/
* Holds the types that can be used to classify a Par2 set.
364 5533d 02h ira /projects/rarslave/
* Tabify the entire file.
* Make the class only have private variables, and make the private
variables only accessible using getter methods.
359 5605d 20h ira /projects/rarslave/
* Make the class automatically figure out it's information in the
__init__() method.
* Add regexes in a dict, for easier retrieval (WIP).
358 5607d 19h ira /projects/rarslave/ This is the beginnings of a re-write (the 4th...) of rarslave. Hopefully
it will detect more of the hard to predict cases that the current code
cannot deal with.
* Adding the initial implementation of Par2Classifier.
* It will classify a par-set into one of the types it knows about.
* It will find the heads of extraction, but this may change later.
* Adding the initial implementation of Par2Parser.
* It will parse a par2 file and extract all of the useful information from it.
* It will make a guess about the files that _might_ be part of this set.
285 5697d 23h ira /projects/raid_checker/ Fix more stupid bugs  
284 5697d 23h ira /projects/raid_checker/ Fix a stupid bug  
283 5698d 00h ira /projects/raid_checker/ Finally, we have speed limits  
278 5710d 16h ira /projects/rarslave/ Add multi-file parjoin  
277 5710d 21h ira /projects/rarslave/ Fix header  
276 5711d 00h ira /projects/rarslave/ Bugfixes for the file removal process  
275 5711d 00h ira /projects/rarslave/ Add interactive delete mode  
241 5723d 21h ira /projects/raid_checker/ Move to tmpfile instead of static filename  

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