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441 4945d 22h ira /languages/tex/ Switch from moreverb to fancyvrb package in homework.tex

This switches the \sourcecode{} and \plaintext{} commands to use the fancyvrb
package instead of the moreverb package. This was done because fancyvrb is
more featureful, as well as being available by default on more LaTeX systems.
439 5106d 05h ira /languages/tex/ Add updated, tab-preserving plaintext importer.  
437 5110d 01h ira /languages/tex/ Add a good LaTeX homework template  
436 5339d 03h ira /languages/tex/beam/ Add latex-beamer examples.  
435 5340d 21h ira /languages/tex/ Add more pdfLatex options to the template.  
434 5376d 03h ira /languages/python/ Update python template.  
433 5376d 03h ira /languages/tex/ Update tex template.  
411 5445d 23h ira /languages/java/ Add MIT Licensed template file.  
404 5454d 01h ira /languages/python/
* Fix a typo. (missing quote)
403 5454d 02h ira /languages/python/
* Update template to modern standards.
390 5464d 07h ira /languages/tex/ template.tex:
* Add some improvements to the LaTeX template.
389 5464d 07h ira /languages/tex/ Add LaTeX template files.  
367 5493d 17h ira /languages/bash/ Add a good bash script skeleton.  
115 5879d 17h ira / Adding the RingBuffer class.  
110 5915d 08h ira /languages/c/ Adding one more template.  
108 5915d 18h ira / Adding licenses, as well as template programs for many languages.
Also, renamed test to skeleton to better reflect it's purpose.