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441 4945d 22h ira /languages/tex/ Switch from moreverb to fancyvrb package in homework.tex

This switches the \sourcecode{} and \plaintext{} commands to use the fancyvrb
package instead of the moreverb package. This was done because fancyvrb is
more featureful, as well as being available by default on more LaTeX systems.
440 5079d 22h ira /vim/ Update vim support files in SVN to pretty much the same as is on my
439 5106d 05h ira /languages/tex/ Add updated, tab-preserving plaintext importer.  
438 5106d 05h ira /school/cs408/p3/ Added the original requirements used to write this program.  
437 5110d 01h ira /languages/tex/ Add a good LaTeX homework template  
436 5339d 03h ira /languages/tex/beam/ Add latex-beamer examples.  
435 5340d 21h ira /languages/tex/ Add more pdfLatex options to the template.  
434 5376d 03h ira /languages/python/ Update python template.  
433 5376d 03h ira /languages/tex/ Update tex template.  
432 5422d 17h ira /school/cs408/p4/ hw04.lisp:
* HI comes before LO in problem #2.
* Fix ordering of arguments in the "or" part of the cond in problem #2.
431 5422d 17h ira /school/cs408/p4/ hw04.lisp:
* Remove bogus fixme.
430 5422d 17h ira /school/cs408/p4/ Import CS408 Project #4.  
429 5429d 22h ira /school/cs420/p3/
* Simplify actions a bit.
* Add a NPC part to Action, which is Negative Preconditions.
* Make the monkey move (more or less) randomly throughout
it's possible moves, instead of fixing the problem.
428 5433d 01h ira /school/cs408/p3/ hw03.lisp:
* Simplify the solution for Problem 2. This uses a local function.
427 5434d 01h ira /school/cs408/p3/ Import CS408 Project #3.  
426 5434d 01h ira /school/cs408/ Get set up for CS408.  
425 5434d 16h ira /school/cs420/p3/ p3.tex:
* Add source code printout.

* Add a generic Makefile to run this program.
424 5434d 16h ira /school/cs420/p3/
* Menu()ize the main loop.
* Break solving function out of main().
* Add the Menu class, derived from CS420 Project 1 Menu.
423 5434d 17h ira /school/cs420/p3/ Initial Import of CS420 Project #3.  
422 5440d 19h ira /school/cs431/p1/
* Remove unnecessary variables from for loops.

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