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MY_FILENAME=$(echo "$@" | sed 's/\.avi//' | sed 's/\.ogm//' | sed 's/\.mkv//').nfo

### Output title ###
echo -n 'Title: ' > ${MY_FILENAME}
echo "$(echo ${MY_FILENAME} | sed 's/\.nfo//' | sed 's/\[........\]//' )" >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}

### Ouput file info ###
echo -n 'File Info: ' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
file "$@" >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}

### Output messages ###
echo 'Par2s will be included at 14% as well.' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'Please use the par2 when possibile since I do not intend to repost any files' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'after I can see that they are all complete on servers other than the one that' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'it was posted to. Missing files and incomplete files will be backfiled as I see' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'them.' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'If you are not sure what par2 files are or how to use them please visit' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo ' and READ IT.' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'I DO NOT recieve any text replies to my posts, since I read this group in a' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'binary-only newsreader.' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'Requests:' >> ${MY_FILENAME}
echo 'None at this time' >> ${MY_FILENAME}