Add support for Join sets where the parity protects the split files
[rarslave2.git] / PAR2Set /
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderAdd support for Join sets where the parity protects... master
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderPAR2Set/utils: add the ability to redirect stdout
2014-05-07 Ira W. SnyderPAR2Set/ZIP: fix output directory
2008-11-09 Ira W. SnyderUse else clauses in exception handlers
2008-11-03 Ira W. SnyderMajor Update
2008-10-31 Ira W. SnyderUse exceptions for error handling
2007-01-27 Ira W. SnyderBugfix: Fix deletion of .1 files for NoExtract type v2.0.0
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[PAR2Set] Fix extraction head regular expression
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[JOIN] Fix os.path.samefile() check for win32
2007-01-08 Ira W. Snyder[JOIN] Fix removal of protected files
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderAdd Copyright / License information + Documentation
2007-01-02 Ira W. Snyder[PAR2SET] Add missing os declarations
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderAdd NoExtract detector
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderConvert all return values to use rsutil package
2007-01-02 Ira W. SnyderMove common functionality into rsutil package
2007-01-01 Ira W. SnyderMigrate all PAR2Set-derived classes to the package...
2007-01-01 Ira W. SnyderPackage PAR2Set and derived classes